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Abdullah  Olgun

Abdullah Olgun,  Prof.

Faculty Member

He graduated from Bursa Işıklar Military High School with first degree. He completed his MD and “biochemistry and clinical biochemistry” specialty trainings at Gülhane Military Medical Faculty. He studied the molecular mechanisms of aging by using cellular senescence and C. elegans models in Huffington Center on Aging Baylor College of Medicine Houston USA. He received his master's degree with thesis in Bioinformatics from Ankara University and completed pre-thesis PhD courses in Pharmaceutical Botany. He worked as a laboratory supervisor in various public and private hospitals, and founded one. He developed patented and commercialized products within the R & D company of which he is a founding partner in Antalya Technopolis. He has been working on aging since 1995 as her main research area. He has numerous international and national publications and book editing, with over 500 citations, most of them being in the field aging. He has won the Innocentive Solver Award three times. Rational use of the brain and evidence-based living are his lifelong learning areas. He is the founder dean of Istinye University Faculty of Pharmacy. He speaks English and French. His interest in deuterium has started when he became aware of the high natural abundance of deuterium and its concentrations in living organisms. It took his several years to frame the possible role of deuteronation in aging. He conducted two studies, one being computational and theoretical, the other on the measurement of deuterium levels in mice tissues. He is planning to do more research to find evidences on the stochastic role of deuterium in aging and to advocate this topic.

Research Areas: Aging, Clinical Biochemistry, Bioinformatics

Main Areas: Tıbbi Biyokimya,