Faculty of Pharmacy

Why İstinye University Faculty of Pharmacy?

  • ISU Faculty of Pharmacy raises 8 star pharmacists with the principles of Evidence Based Teaching. One of the most important privileges of this training is the start of Graduation Projects in first semester. The students are expected to carry out a project that will result in at least one product and / or publication before graduation. Our students determine the project topics primarily with the guidance of their advisors according to their interests. They conduct research in the laboratories of Istinye University. Our students have the opportunity to do research at the master's / doctorate level...
  • Knowing English is an “obligation” for pharmacy education and professional life. For this reason, a total of 350 hours of specific / academic / general English are taught to students who are studying in our Turkish Program in the first 1.5 years. Therefore, our students will be able to graduate with English at Academic Level without studying preparatory class. All students in Turkish and English programs with a high level of English have the opportunity to learn a second foreign language (Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German, Arabic etc.) at advanced level.
  • In addition to the Bachelor's Degree, “8 Star Pharmacist”, Expanded Curriculum (EC, GEP) and Entrepreneurship Certificates are also given. Istinye University Faculty of Pharmacy aims to train “evidence based” and “8 Eight Star Pharmacists (8 * E)”. The knowledge, skills and competencies that a pharmacist must have were symbolized as 8 stars by World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). These stars are “Caregiver, Decision-maker, Communicator, Manager, Lifelong learner, Teacher, Leader and Researcher”. Extending the Education Program within this framework, our Faculty aims to train 8-Star and Evidence-Based Pharmacists. Our curriculum is based on a research-oriented EC/GEP that is fully compatible with the National Core Curriculum (NCC, ÇEP). A qualified pharmacy training is provided according to National and International Accreditation Criteria.
  • The possibility of finding a job is secured with the help of these additional certificates that guarantees the students’ acquirement the knowledge and skills they need in their professional life especially in the pharmaceutical / food / cosmetic industry, hospitals, public, academic and research institutions; where there is a high need for pharmacists in our country according to the current health statistics data.
  • Successful students of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Istinye University have the opportunity to have an Integrated Master and Doctorate study after the 3rd year.
  • The Faculty of Pharmacy has very strong academic staff who were completed bachelor's, master's, doctoral and post-doctoral studies at prestigious national and international universities, done researches, have an expertise in their fields, and high scientific productivity.
  • Since Our Faculty is the only one among the faculties of Turkish foundation universities that has both Turkish and English pograms, it provides the opportunity to establish a world-wide network.
  • A total of 6.5 months of internship is compulsory in community and hospital pharmacies, for clinical pharmacy in hospital clinics, and pharmaceutical companies. Our university's hospitals (Bahçeşehir Liv and GOP Medical Park) and other Medical Park and Liv Hospital chains offer the opportunity for internship and experiential learning.
  • There are full or partial scholarship opportunities according to the entry point
  • ISÜPASS is Istinye University's new scholarship model. Candidates, can earn scholarship for their non-academic achievements in different fields like sports, projects, art etc.
  • İSÜ Faculty of Pharmacy raises pharmacists having both the culture of Istinye University and high social responsibility.